Multi-Grip Exercise Bar

Innovative Multi-Grip Exercise Bar

MUTT BAR is a uniquely designed single piece cast iron exercise bar that incorporates the most common hand grip options found in multiple bars. This allows for a variety of exercises within a single bar. This 100% Made in USA multi-grip workout bar allows you to get more out of your home workouts.

List of primary exercises: hammer curl, ez curl, straight bar curl, tricep curl, tricep press, Swiss press, military press, behind the neck press, upright row, front lateral raise.

Extremely Versatile

The MUTT BAR can be stored under a bed, in a closet, or just about anywhere you could hide a broom. There are no clamps, no plates, no accessories. The beauty is in its simplicity. There is a great cost advantage in purchasing a single MUTT BAR vs. purchasing a variety of bars, plates, and clamps to accomplish the same workout.

Multiple Sizes

MUTT BARS come in the following weights








Made in the USA

MUTT BARS are 100% Made in the USA.

We use 100% American labor.



Thousands of fitness enthusiasts love MUTT BAR

“The Mutt Bar is an amazing exercise modality, with it’s flexibility of exercises and it’s concise make-up, it is awesome.I utilize it in my workouts, both in my home gym and take it to the beach. The inventor has given us all the jump we need in our workouts! Thanks Bubba, even retired P.E Coaches got jacked upon getting our MUTT!”


East Quogue, N.Y

“Feels good. Was safely packaged¬†super nice and tight. Lots of different ways to use this bar. The finish feels nice (has a hammered texture to it) Got the 55lb bar and i love it. Overall good quality, all of my friends that have came over immediately grab it and start curling.”


Amherst, OH

“I purchased the 55-pound Mutt Bar a few weeks ago and I use it almost every day in my basic workouts. Compact, no moving parts, easy to use in multiple ways that target many different muscles. I am very satisfied with this bar.”

Rich C.

New York, NY

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