Multi-Grip Exercise Bar

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Innovative Design


MUTT BAR is a uniquely patented single piece cast iron exercise bar that incorporates a variety of the most common handgrip options found in a multiplicity of individual bars.  This allows for a variety of exercises within a single bar.

The MUTT BAR is designed for the individual who wants free weight lifting to be part of their overall health and fitness.  A single MUTT BAR can be stored under bed, in a closet, or just about anywhere.  You can throw MUTT BAR in your vehicle and take it to the beach, gym, vacation, or wherever you go. There are no clamps, no plates, and no accessories.  The beauty is in its simplicity.

Made in the USA

All elements of the MUTT BAR are truly 100% Made in the USA. The concept, design, and tooling were crafted by American pattern-makers; the single piece iron bars are cast by American foundry-men; and the patented MUTT BAR RACK storage unit is manufactured by American steel fabricators. All bars and racks are powder coated medium gloss black in color with a smooth texture finish.