I bought a full set right when the quarantine started and it was delivered a few days ago. Once assembled this set is awesome! It replaced my Bowflex and I’m never looking back! The design is perfect for quick transitions between grips for arm blasting workouts. On top of the unlimited workout possibilities, it’s also very aesthetically pleasing to look at(even my wife likes it). It’s comforting to see in my home gym knowing the gyms being closed are no longer a problem.




The Mutt Bar is an amazing exercise modality, with it’s flexibility of exercises and it’s concise make-up, it is awesome.I utilize it in my workouts, both in my home gym and take it to the beach. The inventor has given us all the jump we need in our workouts! Thanks Bubba, even retired P.E Coaches got jacked upon getting our MUTT!


East Quogue, NY


When I saw this bar a few months ago I was really excited because I just started buying home gym equipment. When I was looking at the price of the bar I was alittle scared to pull the trigger because there wasn’t a lot of reviews of the product out there. But I will say when it arrived it arrived in a nice box plenty of padding. The finish on the metal was perfect no defects no weird lumps during the casting process like other weights I have bought. I’ve used this bar for shoulders chest and arms so far. I did do lunges with the bar on my shoulders to stretch my legs. I have the 44 pound bar and it’s great! Only gripe is that the weight is distributed differently than a normal bar.




During quarantine equipment was nearly impossible to get. I had a 25lb dumbbell that I had to use and the monotony of its limitations was at its peak. Then an ad for the mutt bar came up. I was skeptical at first it would even arrive but it took less than 3 weeks. It has been a life changer. Can’t rave enough about the options it now gives me for in home workouts. Most certainly recommend it.

Rim Hammer

Long Beach, CA


Purchased the 55lb MUTT bar last month and could not be happier. The bar tends to put constant pressure on my biceps due to the bar’s with and girth. I would recommend this item to some who is wanting to try something new.


Round Rock, TX


Love the dang thing!
Ordered Monday morning and got Wednesday afternoon. Already love it! 55 lb is sweet spot for me. Unique, versatile & can get a quick efficient workout. I’ve never, ever given a review on a product, but this one is very good. Hope they make one around 70 lbs soon.


New York, NY


Feels good. Was safely packaged super nice and tight. Lots of different ways to use this bar. The finish feels nice (has a hammered texture to it) Got the 55lb bar and i love it. Overall good quality, all of my friends that have came over immediately grab it and start curling.


Amherst, OH


This is the second Mutt bar I have purchased. The design has been well thought out, making it the most versatile piece of equipment I own!


Fresno, CA


I am very satisfied with this product. I get a great workout, and I love how I can use this product for different workout goals.


Philadelphia, PA


I do not have the terms to express how much I love this thing!


Minneapolis, MN


Excellent bar! The 55lb is versatile and gives me a great workout in addition to my 44lb bar.


Bailey, CO


I bought this a month ago and it is worth every penny. This is a great item and you can use it so many different ways


Naperville, IL


This is my go to piece of home gym equipment. It is so versatile and quickly accessible to do shoulder presses, bicep and triceps exercises, and rows on the fly. Highly recommend! I am just a dude in Portland, Oregon and received nothing in exchange for this review. Cheers!


Portland, OR


I purchased the 55-pound Mutt bar a few weeks ago and I use it almost every day in my basic workouts. Compact, no moving parts, easy to use in multiple ways that target many different muscles. I am very satisfied with this bar.

Rich C

New York, NY


A fantastic tool. I went with the 55lb one. Provides a good variety of exercises and you can add stuff to the ends if you want to increase the weight.

J Baynes

Richmond, VA


I have the Mutt Bar full set and rack in my basement. I love it and I love the convenience of coming home from work and getting a full body workout in with just 30-45 minutes. The options are limitless…..

Curls, shrugs, SQUATS, lunges, SL deadlifts, back attack, military press, front raises, side raises, bench, triceps, ab workouts…etc.


Columbus, OH


Love the Mutt! Biggest thing I’ll say is, your only limited by your imagination with these. Almost every workout I incorporate a new way to grip or lift. Having all four weights makes for an excellent burn out at the end of a workout, by doing max reps @ 55, then immediately going to 44, 33, and 22.


St Louis, MO


I bought two of differing weights.
I love this thing! You can do a lot with it. If you let the center part go vertical, it’s feels good for overhead presses. Change the grip, you can do triceps extensions, and on it goes.
With two different weight Mutt bars, the list of things you can do gets very long.
Save the box with ample foam mold, and you can put it right back into mold, keeping it off the floor.


Los Angeles, CA


I use it for bicep/tricep workouts, it is a great piece of equipment. lots of hand grips.


San Diego, CA


I recently started using the 22# bar and it has exceeded my expectations! I love the versatility and goes great with my cross fit workouts, cool product. Totally recommend!


Cleveland, OH


I recently purchased all 4 weight sizes… definitely worth their weight in gold.